Bad Shit Story

We Play Music For And About Our Friends.
Why Do You Play?

“It’s Bad Shit. What Can I Say. I Mean… We Skate. That’s How We Met, That’s How We Live, That’s What We Do. We Know Little About Music….”

Bad Shit Band Members

It’s like This: The Broad Beats Shit… The Kid’s On The Low End… The Ol’ Man Shreds… Everyone “Sings.” Three Piece Nice and Neat.

guitar  Jake Phelps

Ground Chuck. Chuck Is One Hell Of A Noodler. No Shit. Solos That Have Never Been Created, Nor Repeated. When You Hear One, Take It To Antiques Road Show Because It’s One Of A Kind.

bass  Tony Trujillo

T-Bird. The Thick String Rhythm Sects Rumbling and Screaming Could Keep Even The Army Of Darkness At Bay.

drums Trixie Con Leche

When Not In Her Native Florida, Eating Xenadrine And Fighting In Ybor, She Smashes The Skins For Us. Her Thunderous Out Of Control Style Inspires Even The Most Troubled Tweeny Boppers To Head Straight To Juvenile Hall. She Has An Avid Fan Club At San Quentin.

Bad Shit Band Interests

Skateboarding, having a good time.


San Francisco, CA

General Manager

Generally Unmanaged since 2005


Serial Killers, Arsonists, Splinter Cell Terrorists, Tom Cruise, That Guy That Burned Down His House Then Flew a Plane Into The IRS Building In Austin. You Know, Bad Shit…